What men don’t want women to know?

The authors (whom work in the motion-picture industry) have assumed pseudonyms for this work, and readers will quickly understand why. This is their chief message: “The only reason your man is with you is because at this moment… he… believes… he simply can’t do any better.” Their basic conviction is that the male is a sexual animal who seeks “complete and repeated genital gratification.” They see him as a gun, either loaded or unloaded according to whether he is hoping to have an orgasm or has just had one; women, they maintain, can trust a man in the latter state, but otherwise they cannot. The authors point out that the real danger zones for a woman are her husband’s office, his “business trips” and bachelor parties, about which he can be expected to deny every occurrence if questioned. Smith and Doe offer a few words of advice for women and much more.Download and read more right here and find out what men don’t want women to know: http://rapidshare.com/files/46225390/men_secrets.rar

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  1. women are no different, given half a chance they will do the same,their needs are the same,women are more organised cheats than men.they can cover it by the same conceptions that are laid out above

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