How to clean your computer keyboard?

There are quite a few ways if you want to clean your computer keyboard.The simplest way would be to use your vacuum with its special attachment for narrow spaces and start vacuuming the dirt from between your keys. If you don’t have an attachment, just turn the keyboard upside down and start shaking it until the dirt comes out from underneath the keys.A very good idea (but more expensive) is to buy a compressed air can and use it to clean your computer keyboard.If the actual keys need to be cleaned then you can wipe them with a damp cloth (using water or specialized keyboard cleaning chemical or even rubbing alcohool). For cleaning in between the keys you can use a cotton swab or you can improvise one by combining a piece of a cotton ball and a toothpick.For drastic cleaning (as when you spilled soda on the keyboard) you can actually take apart the individual keys (by prying them with a flat head screwdriver). If they cannot be pried try unscrewing the bottom of the keyboard and take that entire section of. Don’t forget where each key goes then clean each individual key and the bottom of the keyboard by applying the techniques mentioned above. Try and clean the keyboard right away before the spilled liquid dries and becomes sticky. If it becomes sticky, it can still be cleaned by using a damp cloth of cotton swap, but it will just be more difficult.Note: If anything is spilled on your keyboard please try and save everything that you are working on since you might loose your keyboard funcitonalities.

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