How did people find out about magnets?

The magnet was discovered in China as early as 200 BC. Around that same time, the Chinese found that from a magnet, one could find out directions (like north and south). Sailors in most civilizations began to use a certain type of magnet called a lodestone to navigate. It is the most magnetic substance on Earth. In the sixteenth century, Sir William Gilbert discovered that a piece of iron could acquire the properties of a lodestone if you rubbed it with a lodestone. That allowed scientists to create many more magnets. People were no longer dependent on the few natural lodestones they could find. Today, magnets are made of a blend of different materials that contain some or all of iron, nickel, copper, cobalt and aluminum.

What company to choose for home improvement needs in Texas?

All-Tex is a window replacement, siding and exterior painting company and has been providing services to residential home owners in Texas since 1991. If you are looking to replace your old windows with better, more efficient ones then you can hire these guys. Even if you are in need of a new Houston siding on your home, a fresh coat of paint, or you want a new sunroom or deck, they can do the job. They seem a trustworthy company since they offer a lot of info related to their services. You can request for a free quote on their website, by simply filling out a form. If you are located are in the Houston, Dallas, Austin or San Antonio metropolitan areas, you will probably be able to be serviced by them. Anyhow, contact them for details.

What are the problems with brick veneer?

If you are a contractor you probably know that brick veneer siding is usually applied to a wood frame wall over building paper; the mortared joints may be finished, in a number of ways. Properly finished joints are essential to ensure strong, watertight walls. There are problems though with the brick veneer and these problems develop at the mortar joints. Sometimes, the mortar shrinks, causing the joints to open; old-fashioned lime-base mortar often crumbles. Freeze-thaw cycles in cold-winter climates, excess moisture, and settling also result in mortar problems. To repair cracked or crumbling mortar, you’ll have to remove the old mortar and fill them with new mortar (use dry ready mixed mortar – weather-resistant type N). This is a job that you can easily do yourself. You can even find most of the tools at a dollar-store or better…at a local home repair store.

Where to get Vegan Valentine’s Chocolate?

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