Why (apparently) boys don’t listen?

Apparently, as boys grow (particularly approaching puberty) their ear canals undergo growth spurts that can cause a temporary form of deafness. Female teachers have been found to reprimand girls differently to boys and seem intuitively to understand male and female hearing differences. If a girl refuses to keep eye contact while the teacher berates her, a female teacher will continue the reprimand. If a boy refuses eye contact, many female teachers intuitively understand that he probably either can’t hear or is not listening, and will say: ‘Look at me when I speak to you’. Boys are equipped for effective seeing rather than hearing. For an easy demonstration of this, just count the number of Fs in the following sentence.Finished files are the result of years of scientific research. Boys score better than girls at seeing that there are five F’s. If the statement is read aloud however, girls are better than boys at hearing the correct number of F’s.

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