What are Mr. Christie’s Book Awards?

Mr. Christie’s Book Awards are annual literary awards. Each year since 1989, two awards have been offered to the authors/illustrators of the best books in English and French written by Canadian authors for readers twelve years and younger. There is a cash prize and a certificate. The title of the award honours the founder of Christie’s Biscuits, the company that established the prizes.

What is the connection between Earl Grey Tea and Canada?

There is a small connection between Earl Grey Tea and the Dominion of Canada. The English tea is quite popular in Canada, as it is throughout the world, so even a minor relationship is of interest, as it sheds light on two otherwise unrelated aspects of life: a beverage and a statesman. Earl Grey tea is the world’s best selling tea. It is generally made by blending Darjeeling, Ceylon, and China black teas, and flavoured with Things 177 oil of bergamot, a Turkish pear-shaped orange. It is named after Earl Grey, who was Prime Minister of Britain in 1830. The recipe is supposed to have been given to an emissary of Earl Grey’s by a grateful Mandarin. Charles Grey (1764-1845), 2nd Earl Grey, was the Whig leader who presided over the passage of the Reform Act of 1832. It was his grandson, Albert Henry George Grey (1851-1917), 4th Earl Grey, who served as the imperial-minded Governor General of Canada (1904-11). Although the statesman presided over innumerable music and drama festivals, and even allowed the football trophy to be named the Grey Cup, it remains a moot point to this day whether or not Governor General Earl Grey served Earl Grey tea while serving as Governor General.

Where can women get help to fight drug abuse?

Drug abuse is obviously a very big problem and anyone affected by it should immediately seek help. Orchid recovery center provides a drug treatment program that meets a woman’s total physical, emotional and spiritual needs. It is a drug treatment center for women, by women. This way the Orchid is offering a therapeutic facility that is in sync with women and makes them feel at peace inside the personal and intimate settings as well as offering top of the art treatment facilities that are necessary for an effective treatment. This center is both a drug rehab and an alcohol treatment center for women. You can go watch a video of their facilities and treatment center and see how serene this center is and how the Orchid can help heal both body and soul.

How to plan for a big school assignment?

1. Research possible topics and decide on a topic.2. Research information on topic at your school, at the library, on the Internet, or by using other resources.3. Plan and then perform any tests to prove/disprove your theory.4. Create any visuals.5. Write and arrange the information about the topic, the results of your tests, and your conclusions.6. Plan and create the final project (for example, on three- panel pasteboard).The idea is to follow these steps into your schedule so that you aren’t left with the school assignment to complete the night before it’s due.The same is true for science assignments as well as reading assignments, including books on your various school subjects (social studies, history, and so on), as well as any literature reading. Make a plan for what chapters you’ll have read by what date so that when the test date comes, you’ll have read the material and can focus on studying (rather than trying to read and study at the last minute). Using this method, you may have to read two chapters a week, instead of having to read a 200-page book the night before it’s due.