How to limit vehicle access with the help of Traffic Guard?

It is quite simple; Traffic Guard manufactures state-of-the-art manually operated, removable and collapsible security bollards to help you limit any type of vehicle access. These bollards will provide you with the extra security needed to stop undesired vehicles accessing certain areas. They are very durable and easy to install. Whether you need to restrict parking spaces or secure an area, they have all the products necessary for such tasks. You can use them to secure bike paths, marinas, residential areas, airports, stadiums or any other building areas. The applications are limitless due to their variety. You can even request for custom products.

What is a protostar?

Stars are born in clouds of dust and gases, mainly hydrogen. More and more gas is pulled together by gravity to form a cloud. After a while the cloud begins to spin. This makes the gas atoms bump into each other at high speeds, creating a great deal of heat. As the cloud becomes hotter a nuclear reaction takes place inside, and the cloud begins to glow. This glowing cloud is called a protostar. The protostar continues to contract until it becomes a star.