How long do the seasons last on Uranus?

Uranus has a very unique orbit in the solar system. The planet is tilted in such a way that its poles face the Sun directly, so that Uranus spins from top to bottom. It acts like a cylinder that is rotating on its ends instead of rotating on its sides like other planets. Scientists believe that probably a large astral object (such as a very large meteor, maybe the size of a small planet) might have crashed into Uranus, knocking it over on to its side. Therefore because of Uranus’ peculiar orbit, the seasons last over 20 years.

How can people walk barefoot on fire?

Well, actually they do not walk on fire, but rather on coal. This is a very, very important difference. Before an event like this takes place, a path is made out of wood, coal, paper and so on and it is lit. it takes some time until it burns down until there are no burning coals left. Because an event as such is usually done during the night, you are able to see that a glowing red light is visible. If it were done during the day, you would mostly see ashes. And that’s what it mostly is: ashes and carbonized wood. That’s what happens when wood burns down, it transforms into carbon. Carbon is a poor conductor of heat and so it takes a long time for the heat to transfer through the coal (carbon) onto your skin. Besides this, the ashes are a very good insulator.So to recap, the red-hot coals are covered with ash, then on top comes the burnt coal (carbon). On top of this, a person would not just stand on the hot coals, it would walk on them (sometimes at a higher pace). The walk limits your foot’s contact time with the heat.To prove that walking on hot coals is not a mind over body matter, tests have been made where people walked by wearing nylon socks. You could understand that the mind could protect your skin from burning, but not the nylon. Well, nothing happened to the nylon socks either. Not a hole through them…Anyhow, don’t try this at home!