What are the new services of Keypoint?

If you have not heard of Keypoint, they are experts in claims management. They offer services for endowment claims, personal injury and accident compensation claims. If you had a personal injury such as an accident at work, a road traffic accident, holiday accident, and many more, then you should check out their accident claims section. If you have suffered from an industrial disease such as asbestos related problems, asthma, dermatitis, etc, you could also see their accident claims. You can call them for any of these issues. Their specialists will listen to your problem in complete confidence and they will advise you to continue with the claim only if the compensation is worth pursuing. After they fully investigate your claim, they will liaise with the required parties to ensure that they present the best possible case and finally they will ensure you receive your fair and right compensation. It is that easy.

Why isn’t it alright to stare at a sun eclipse?

Staring at an eclipse can cause harm to your eyes by damaging the back of the eye. There is also a fancy name for this and that is: “solar retinopathy”. The radiation from the sun is concentrated by the lens onto the retina and that results in a burn. This in turn, causes you eye discomfort.Solar retinopathy does not necessarily appear right after you starred at the eclipse, but it can appear even seven months after.P.S. The sun eclipse on August 11, 1999 – which I saw with my own eyes (I wore solar eclipse safety glasses) from Bucharest, Romania – put many people at risk with solar retinopathy.