What does Carolina Coffee Company offer?

Well, you might have guessed from the name of the company, that they offer coffee. Before I saw their site I had no idea that there are quite a few blends of gourmet coffee. Now I know there are and I know they have it. They have blends from some of the finest small crop beans available. They are carefully chosen and roasted to create special blends such as Black Mountain, Carolina Moonlight, Coastal Carolina, etc. This is just the beginning, since they have a lot more blends and types of coffee, such as certified fair trade organic coffees, flavored coffees (mmm… Hazelnut), the famous Swiss water decaf coffees (apparently it is 100% chemical free) and limited edition blends. You should also check out their coffee related products (cups, grinder, etc) and their gift baskets. I’m telling you, some of those gift baskets made my mouth watery. They are nice gift ideas.

What is metaRL?

MetaRL is a very interesting website. I have not seen anything like it, yet. After you register with them you can play though their mini games, answer surveys, complete tasks or compete in contests. Why would you do that? Well, for doing any of those things you will be earning metaPoints (virtual world currency). The metaPoints can be then transferred to other online virtual and transform them into free imvu credits, credits for SecondLife and Entropia. You can only create one account per household so create one that also has a SecondLife account as well as an Entropia and IMVU one. The registration process is a piece of cake, so give it a go and start earning metaPoints.