How can some psychics get in touch with the other world?

Well, I believe that most of the psychics (if not all of them) use the shotgunning technique. The shotgunning technique is a cold reading TRICK whereby one rapidly asks questions and seems to provide a large quantity of information to a subject. As a matter of fact, the subject actually supplies most of the information. Then the subject often becomes convinced that the psychic is truly as real as it can get.For example, a dialogue between a psychic (let’s call him P) and a subject (let’s call him S) might go like this:P: I’m getting a warm feeling in my stomach.S: OK.P: Does that mean anything to you?S: No.P: Are you sure? It could be a sign. Maybe something close to the heart, or in the heart. . . . a pain in the chest . . .S: My father died of a heart attack.P: Right. He says he thought it was just gas. It was a sudden death, correct?S: Correct.P: No warning, right?S: Right. Well, actually he’d had three heart attacks before that last one.P: Right. The feeling I’m getting is very strong in the chest. Like he had been suffering there a long time . . . a few years maybe.S: Right.P: I’m sensing something shiny now. . . . jewelry perhaps . . . maybe a watch . . . something . . .S: We buried him with his war medal of honor. He wanted to take it with him.P: Right. I see that. He wanted to be buried with a special medal.S: Yes, his war medal of honor.P: He loved that medal.S: No, but he was always saying that it reminded him of the friends he lost in the war.P: Well, he says he’s finally with them now and he is happy.

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How strong are the winds on Neptune?

You might find it interesting to know that Neptune is the windiest planet in our solar system. The winds on this planet are so strong that they can reach speeds of about 2,000 kilometers per hour (1,200 miles per hour). To give you an idea, usually a hurricane on Earth can reach about 200 km/h (120 miles/h)