How do you protect your property with title insurance?

Everyone who has any type of property is usually attached to it, would not want to lose it and therefore would want to insure it against any problems that might rise concerning it. There are a lot of types of insurance that you can get for a property, but I am particularly referring to a title insurance with one of the many title insurance companies.So what is title insurance (since many of us don’t know)? Title insurance is defined as the protection against loss arising from issues related to the title of your property. For example, before you purchased a land or a home, that land/home might have gone through several ownership changes. During those ownership changes something wrong might have happened that could cause trouble (such as forging a signature, or unpaid taxes, etc). Title insurance would cover you for any claims or legal fees that arise from problems like that. If you have a mortgage, it is a good idea to look for a title insurance company and get one. Remember that the title insurance you will purchase from a title company (obviously) will cover you up until the policy is issued and extends backwards in time.