How to see if you have a sales opportunity in 3 steps?

With this 3 step process you can determine whether or not you have a real sales opportunity.1. Agree – Find something in the response to which you can agree. Even though it is a pretty basic strategy, you would be surprised how many salespeople cut corners or overlook this step. This is way you connect with someone on a very basic level, and at the same time it gives acknowledgment to the prospect. It also buys you some time.2. Clarify – After agreeing to some part of the prospective customer’s initial statement, get as much detail as possible about the response. Ask one or two questions to gather info about the current situation, the decision-making process within the company, or any concerns the person has about the current vendor.3. Legitimize – Determine if the prospect is sincere, or if he/she is just trying to get rid of you as nicely as possible. Ask a question that will project your prospective customer into the future and will allow you to make evident any potential obstacles to an agreement.If anyone is interested, I could give an example of how to put this process at work.