What are the problems with brick veneer?

If you are a contractor you probably know that brick veneer siding is usually applied to a wood frame wall over building paper; the mortared joints may be finished, in a number of ways. Properly finished joints are essential to ensure strong, watertight walls. There are problems though with the brick veneer and these problems develop at the mortar joints. Sometimes, the mortar shrinks, causing the joints to open; old-fashioned lime-base mortar often crumbles. Freeze-thaw cycles in cold-winter climates, excess moisture, and settling also result in mortar problems. To repair cracked or crumbling mortar, you’ll have to remove the old mortar and fill them with new mortar (use dry ready mixed mortar – weather-resistant type N). This is a job that you can easily do yourself. You can even find most of the tools at a dollar-store or better…at a local home repair store.