Where to go get free insurance quotes? (autonetinsurance.co.uk)

Everybody needs insurance at some point in time. Either it is for yourself, your home, your pet or your car, you will need it. There are so many types of insurance with so many benefits or pitfalls, some cheaper and some more expensive, that you rarely know which one is the best one to choose. Fortunately now, there is a new online service available that provides you with a free quotation service. It is very simple to use. You simply select what you want the insurance quote for, and go through the designated steps. For eample, if you are looking for car insurance, you simply select the car online quote, fill out the required fields and wait for your quote. If you are looking for HGV Insurance, or courier, business, home insurance, etc. you proceed in the same way.If the online version is not your desired method, you can even call them by phone and get a result only after 5 minutes. For the legal cover though, the offer a 35% discount, but only for online customers. You can get some really good quotes on motor vehicle, household and commercial legal covers. Same for the breakdown policies.Note: Apparently you can get 70% on van insurance.