How is blood pressure determined?

Blood pressure is measured by a quick, painless test using a medical instrument called a sphygmomanometer. A rubber cuff is wrapped around a person’s upper arm and inflated. It compresses a large artery in the arm, momentarily stopping the blood flow. Then the air in the cuff is released and the person measuring the blood pressure listens with a stethoscope. When the blood starts to pulse through the artery, it makes a sound. The person listening and watching the sphygmomanometer gauge records two measurements.

    + Systolic pressure (the higher number) is the pressure of the blood flow when the heart beats (the pressure when the first sound is heard).+ Diastolic pressure is the pressure between heartbeats (the pressure when the last sound is heard).

Blood pressure is measured in millimeters of mercury, which is abbreviated mm Hg. The harder it is for blood to flow, the higher the numbers will be.

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What is the Crimson room?

The Crimson room is an adventure game developed in Flash by Toshimitsu Takagi in 2004. Like many other adventure games in utilizes a point and click play format. The quest of the Crimson game is to simply find a way to get out of the room you mysteriously woke up in. Go ahead and give it a try.Write your opinion of the game, how long it took you to solve it or if you got stuck. If you have solved it please do not spoil the game by posting the entire solution.Hint: Look everywhere inside the room. The objects you find will help you get out. 1994!

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How much of the flow of Niagara Falls is diverted before it goes over the brink?

At least half the flow of the Niagara River is diverted above the Falls for hydroelectric purposes. The diversion was introduced in 1893 and without it, around 93 million gallons of water per minute would plunge over the brink. International treaties call for a minimum of 100,000 cubic feet per second to run over the Niagara Falls in daylight hours and half as much at night during the tourist season.See where where the world’s highest waterfall is. Did you think it was Niagara Falls?