What to know about BuySnow dot com?

Well, you do not actually get to buy snow if you go to this website, but rather you buy snowboards. That’s right, you can buy some of the best snowboards online. All you have to do is choose your brand. You can get Arbor snowboards, Burton snowboards, Capita, Roxy, Rome and many other famous snowboard brands. From what I’ve seen most of them are on sale. You get at least $150 off the regular price so they really are a bargain. You’ll also get free shipping on orders over $99, so you should really take advantage of this offer while is lasts.

What is the 3 jars challenge?

This is a very interesting and not a very easy challenge. You start with 3 jars:1st has a capacity of 19 liters2nd has a capacity of 13 liters3rd has a capacity of 7 litersYou start with the 2nd and 3rd jars full with water (or that green liquid) – see image below
Brain test
The challenge is to pour the liquid from one jar to another in such a way that you will end up with 2 jars that each have 10 liters of liquid in them – see image below.
Brain testIt’s easier to do it on a piece of paper.For example: when you start you have this jar/liquid configuration:0 13 7If you pour the content of the second jar into the first you will end up with13 0 7If you pour the content of the third jar into the first, you will end up with19 0 1and so on.Are you up to the challenge? Can you find the solution? You can post the last 3 steps if you wish or just ask for help.If you want you can download a spreadsheet document with the game in flash here. (it allows you to pour from one jar to another in a visual fashion)