What to know about Anthony.com?

Finally, this is a website where you can find just products for men. I’m not talking about clothes or gadgets, but stuff like men’s skin care products, kits, hair care products, body essentials and more. All these products bare the Anthony trade mark. They have plenty of products to choose from. They even have anti aging solutions and creams, anti acne, sun care products and almost anything you would use on your face (razors, shaving creams, scrubs, cleansers, lotions, etc). Anthony Logistics For Men realized there is a lack in men’s grooming products and so they developed multi-functional and natured based skin/body/bath care products.Check out their specials categories as well as their contest page to get a chance to win some of their products.

What is the meaning of the word”Niagara”?

Ever wandered what is the meaning of the word “Niagara”? Yes, “Niagara” as in Niagara Falls and yes, it is not just a name… it is a name with a meaning.The answer to this question was best formulated by George R. Stewart in Names on the Land (1967):”A French priest came to an Indian town called Ongniaahra, ‘point of land cut in two’, because it stood near Lake Ontario, where a wide river cut through the land. Farther up this river, the Indians said, was a waterfall; but the priest did not go to look at it, probably thinking all waterfalls were alike. The French remembered the name of that town, and called the river after it, and later the waterfall. But they twisted it on their tongues until it became Ongiara and finally Niagara.”

What to know about DigitalFramesDirect?

Digital Frames Direct is the largest digital frame wholesaler in the entire UK. A digital photo frame is the perfect gift for a family member of a friend. You can store tens to thousand of pictures on one frame, depending on the memory size. What I like about them is that they can be personalized (check out their corporate gifts section) in the sense that you can add your company logo on the frame. They have a variety of frames of different sizes and the prices are very reasonable. Check out their reviews page to better choose your future digital frame.