What is urine?

Urine is actually liquid waste. It contains water and a harmful chemical called urea. Two important organs called the kidneys filter the urine from the blood. The urine then passes into the urinary bladder through the ureters. The bladder stores the urine until it is passed out through the urethra (that’s when you see it come out).Note: Urine is actually more sanitary than saliva.

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What is the biggest monitor lizard?

Komodo Dragon The biggest monitor lizard in the world is the komodo dragon. It weighs about 135 kg (300 pounds). It’s quite a dangerous lizard. Its mouth is full of poisonous bacteria and when it bites, the bacteria poisons the blood of its prey, killing it.

Note: Apparently komodo dragons have even been known to eat small children. So…watch out!

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How many kinds of venom do snakes produce?

There are two types of snake venom.

    + There is the neurotoxic venom produced by snakes such as cobras. This type of venom affects the nervous system, paralyzing the victim and leading to a quick death.+ Then there is the hemotoxic venom produced by snakes such as the viper. This one affects the blood and organs but does not kill immediately. As a result, doctors sometimes have a chance to treat the victim.