What to know about B-Dry?

The B-Dry System Wet Basement Waterproofing process eliminates basement leakage and problems with basement flooding. This system has been tested for more than 50 years and it is guaranteed to last as long as your building does. So if you have problem and you need your basement waterproofed then you should check them out. They will not only install this system, but also repair any problems you might have that cause any water leakage. If your property does not have a good drainage system they can install a very good sump pump to remove any water collected. They have different types of pumps for different types of buildings, depending on the water situation. Go to their website and get a free estimate.

How to detect a parasite infection in your watertank fish?

A fish in distress will itch and rub against the tank. If there is a parasite infection there will be sign of redness and swelling on the body (especially at the bottom of the dorsal fin). You might also notice that the fish has difficulty breathing and is generally inactive. However these are general symptoms of illness, so you need to take mucus and gill samples to detect the parasitic infection.There may be more than one type of parasite, and you need to identify the current stage in the life cycle of the parasite. Hence you need different treatments for an effective cure.Go read about “What types of parasites can attack the fish in your home aquarium?“.

What to know about The Rich Comm?

The Rich Comm is selling calling cards. Just visit their website, select the country you wish to call and get a bunch of calling carts with different rates. I took a look at Canada and I was amazed. For the first calling card brand in the search results there is a $5 one that has a 0.0¢ rate. That means you can talk to Canada for an unlimited amount of time. This wasn’t the only card of this type. The website seems to be full of good deal cards. You surely have a wide selection. They also offer a special deal until March 25th, 2008. Go and take a look if you are interested.