What is the solution to the 3 jars challenge?

Do you remember the 3 jars solution? Well you can read about it here it is if you want to refresh your memory. If you kept trying and couldn’t find the solution, well we are about to give it to you. Yes, there is a solution to the 3 jars challenge. A few people e-mailed us in frustration saying that this could not be solved.So please read our post about the 3 jars challenge to refresh your memory before reading the solution. Don’t forget you can download the spreadsheet document and empty and fill those jars in an animated fashion.Without further a due, here it is (SPOILER ALERT!!!):0 13 7 -> 7 13 0 -> 19 1 0 -> 12 1 7 -> 12 8 0 -> 5 8 7 -> 5 13 2 -> 18 0 2 -> 18 2 0 -> 11 2 7-> 11 9 0 -> 4 9 7 -> 4 13 3 -> 17 0 3 -> 17 3 0 -> 10 3 7 -> 10 10 0If you don’t understand the solution, please read the original post because it explains what those notations mean.

How to see the lady spin illusion clockwise or counter clockwise?

I think you all remember the illusion with the girl spinning counter clockwise or clockwise. Most of the readers were able to see her spin in both directions. Lots of methods were being shared, but still there were a couple that were unable to see her go both ways.Well, if you can’t see her spin the other way, then these two images will help you.Helpful lines were added to these images in order get rid of the illusion and only see her spin one way or another. Therefore, if you can only see her spin clockwise, look at the counter clockwise picture and after 5 seconds look at the original. You will now see her spin ccw.Here you can see the original lady spin illusion.1. Lady spins Clockwise: (See the original lady spin illusion)lady spin illusion cw2. Lady spins Counter clockwise: (See the original lady spin illusion)lady spin illusion counter clockwiseLet me know if this helped.