What to know about InsideCardiacArrest.com?

The purpose of this website is to educate and provide information on sudden cardiac arrest. It tells you about its risk factors, heart and blood flow, heart rhythm, heart attacks and more. You can also read about possible ongoing therapy and treatment, such as the ICD Implant. It also gives you a list of resources of websites where you can get treatment and more information as well as where you can find a doctor. Go check it out and become informed.

What is the Eskimo Diet?

The Eskimo Diet consists in an everyday high consumption of fish oil. The diet was published by two British physicians in their diet book “The Eskimo Diet: How to Prevent a Heart Attack (London: Ebury Press,1990)”. They were inspired by the staggering statistics of the heart attacks of the Inuit population. The heart attacks were very, very low among the world’s Inuit people and they figured out it was because of their consumption of fish oil. Apparently consuming fish oil prevents clot forming within the coronary arteries and that is what the Eskimo Diet consists in.

What to know about Author House?

With Author House thousands of authors were able to self publish their thoughts and ideas in more than 50,000 books. It’s quite a simple process. The first step is to choose your book format and publishing package. Then just submit your manuscript and get published. Check out their website for more info and join the other thousands of Book Publishers that made their dreams come true.