What celebrity’s identity would you steal?

Brain testImagine you would find the wallet of a famous celebrity and you decided to use everything you found in there to your advantage and just live for a day or so in his/her shoes. Guess who I would like to be? Obviously the hint can be found by looking at the picture. What would I do if I could steal that celebrity identity? I would dress like him and I would go to a famous New York hotel, rent the penthouse and order in. Better yet I would go to a famous restaurant and have people see me and ask for my autograph. Imagine all I could by using his credit card. I could get gifts for friends, gadgets and fun stuff for myself and why stop there? I could even buy a car.Well, all this would be very wrong and I would never steal the identity of someone else, but other people do. That’s why it is imperative to protect your identity (you don’t have to be a celebrity to do that). You can do so through lifelock. Lifelock will ask credit bureaus to turn on the fraud alerts within an hour, repeat this process every 3 months, remove your name from junk lists (that’s nice) and more. If your wallet will be missing you will be protected right away.So, have you guessed who I would be impersonating?

Why do plants grow flowers and fruit?

So why do plants grow flowers and fruit? Here is a simplified answer:Plants grow flowers and fruit to reproduce. The flowers contain pollen, which are carried by insects or the wind to other plants for reproduction. On the same note, the fruit contains seeds of new plants, which are carried by animals, wind or water to other places where a new plant will grow.

What to know about Paragon Motorclub?

Paragon Motorclub offers affordable and much needed automotive protection. If you sign up with them you can get everything from Car Extended Warranty to roadside assistance and road hazard protection (tire and wheel protection and much more). Go ahead and get a free warranty quote and see if it would be cheaper to go with them.

How to differentiate between a frog and a toad?

Frogs have longer legs than most toads and that obviously helps them take longer leaps. In comparison toads hop around. A major noticeable difference between frogs and toads is that the hind feet of a frog are webbed, to help it swim. The ones of a toad are not because unlike most amphibians, toads like to live in dry places.Also when frogs eat, they close their eyes when they push the food down their throat and toads have dry, thick, warty skin. Don’t touch a toad.