How to make cleaning easier inside your pet parrot’s cage?

The main thing to have it easier when cleaning the cage is to install a wire grill above the solid floor of the cage with a sliding tray between them to catch droppings, seed husks and anything else that drops down.Cover the tray with a piece of blank newsprint or paper towels and change them every day to minimize any chance of infection or other problems. I would recommend the newsprint because that always shows up unwanted at your door.Don’t forget to scrape the bottom and disinfect it each week. Do an extra clean at any time when there has been any spillage from the food or water containers.Clean the containers as often as necessary but at least weekly, with a weak bleach solution (look for it in pet shops). Do this in away from the bird (maybe even in another room) and dry everything very thoroughly before returning them to the cage or the bird may be badly affected by fumes or any damp residue.