What if oysters gave us cookies instead of pearls?

Imagine what if oysters did not produce pearls, but your favorite cookies instead. Would they still be as valuable to you then? Probably not, probably you would not be as happy when opening an oyster and finding a pearl inside. Then again, some people might trade a pearl for one of their most favorite cookies. So how lucky would you consider yourself to find a cookie inside an oyster?Leaving fantasy and imagination aside, Gulf oysters can put you at risk if you eat them raw. The risk comes from the Vibrio vulnificus bacteria that these oysters contain. Make sure the next oysters you eat are not undercooked or raw because otherwise you are risking a serious illness or even death. If you have a weak immune system, diabetes, liver diseases, cancer, stomach disorders or the iron overload disease you should avoid raw oysters even more because you become more susceptible of contacting the bacteria. If you have any of those problems you can reduce the risk of illness by eating post-harvest processed oysters or simply eat them fully cooked and that way you won’t be at risk. All we are saying is just be aware. For more information about oysters, their risks, the symptoms and risk free recipes go visit beoysteraware dot com.