What to know about KernicterusLaw.com?

KenicterusLaw.com is an advocacy network that helps parents, whom their baby has kernicterus, sue for malpractice. Kernicterus is a disease characterized by too much bilirubin (yellow chemical produced in the blood from the normal breakdown of red blood cells) in the blood which in turn causes brain damage. It is a very rare disease that affects babies after they are born. What is tragic is the fact that this disease can be easily prevented because its symptoms are very obvious. The most common symptom is the yellowing of the skin (usually in the first 24 hours since birth). If this is noticed (and it should), proper treatment is administered and the risk of Kernicterus fades away. If your baby has Kernicterus, you should take a look at this website and see how these lawyers can help you pursue malpractice claims against the healthcare providers which caused this problem. On their website, they have an easy form you can fill in with a short explanation of your case. They will get back to you with more details. Read more about verdicts and settlements on their website as well as more information about the team of lawyers and their services. Wish you all the best!