Where to write to Angelina Jolie?

If you are a fan of Angelina Jolie and you would like to send her a letter to tell her how much you admire her work, her talent or her humanitarian efforts, you can try mailing her at the following address:Jolie c/o Media Talent Group, 9200 Sunset Blvd., Ste. 550, West Hollywood, CA, 90069

1 thought on “Where to write to Angelina Jolie?”

  1. Ms. Jolie,

    I don’t know you. I know of you through your films and various interviews. I listen to your philosophies on life and throughout the years, it has helped me get through painful tribulations. Congratulations on the Sarajevo Award. Only you know what goes on inside, just like I only know what goes on inside. Sometimes there are days where I’m angry that I woke up. I have my dog and shes the only one I can trust. I want to be somebody and make a difference in the world. But its hard when your miserable. The two films in which I can relate the most are “Girl Interrupted” and “Gia”. Yet the characters you play in movies like “Tomb Raider”, “Wanted”, “Salt” and the determined couragous mother in “Changeling” are the people I aspire to be. I’m not a mother but the character she played and her attributes are that of a brave person who is tenacious and regardless of what society tried to make her believe, she knew in her heart, her truth. She had hope up until the very end. That is who I want to be. Ms. Jolie, I know I’m just another fan who is wishfully thinking how cool it would be to get an actual reply. Its 3:20am here in Brooklyn, NY and the sounds of the street and my inner throughts are all that I hear. I read the book “Girl Interrupted” and on one of your interviews, I believe it was Inside the Actors Studio, you testified that you read the book and underlined all parts of the character Lisa Rowe. As much as I loved the movie, she wasn’t a true sociopath, not the way they portrayed her in the movie. In the movie, she shows to much in depth feeling and care for others. Even though shes blunt and appears to have no remorse, she plays a guardian type role among the others. She condemns those who condemn others. A true sociopath only has surface feelings. The charachter you brought to life in the film is somebody with feelings, somebody who wanted to shut the world out before the world shut the door on her. She saw the world for the barness of it is. We are born, we waste time doing jobs or whatever else we try occupy oursleves with before we die. We try to smile, but for what. People walk around like stepford perfunctory robots but its really every man for themselves. You said on an interview that playing this role was the most freeing experience ever. According to Suzanna Kaysen in the book “Girl Interrupted”, Lisa Rowe is released and has a child in which she later meets a few years later. But it never shows that in the movie. I think everybody is a little interrupted at one point or several. What it comes down to is, will we ever get out of the quiet room?



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