Where to write to Brad Pitt?

Are you a fan of Brad Pitt? Do you want his autograph? Well you can write him a letter at his fan address below, or send him a picture to sign.Brad PittPlan B Entertainment Inc.9150 Wilshire Blvd.Suite 350Beverly Hills, CA 90212-3427USA

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  1. I am a 51 years old grandmother and French speaking from Montreal in Canada, so if my English is not perfect, I am asking to forgive me. I am a serious fan of yours.In fact, the joke is on me at work (I work in the Environment department of the Quebec department) because the 50 persons I work with know how much I like your films but I don’t care. I have an obsession (they say!!!) on you. We laugh a lot when I talk about you because I recently did something funny.I put some kind of mailbox in my office with a picture of you on it and the following text:written in French: “RESERVED FOR INCOMING MAIL FROM BRAD PITT”. We work so hard all day long that when I have a chance, I look at this picture and it makes me feel good.Everybody in the office say that I will never get any letter or correspondence from you and I would love to prove they are wrong. Everybody is entitled to his own fantasies, no?This is why I am now writing you hoping to get anything from you, a picture, a little note or even better a letter.It would make me so happy to prove them that you are closer to your fans than they think.

  2. Hi brad,My name is Harshal & i m from INDIA.Well 2 years ago,when you had visited to India for some of your movie shooting in PUNE i saw u.I don’t know if u remember or not but 1 Day you were Driving down on the Streets of PUNE with a Bike(Royal Enfield) With a Helmet on your head,A Navy Blue Shirt & some Military Boots from La Meridian to Aundh[ur Shooting Venue] & i was staring at you.I asked you twice whether u r Brad Pitt or Not well 1st u said NO but after some time u said Yes.Well no one could actually recognise you other than me.Well after that we had a nice Bike ride for 10mins or so n i was explaining u how happy was i to see you.Well i m the same guy if you could remember.That day i asked you for an Autograph,n you said NO,i also asked u if u could stopover n take a snap with me n u said NO to that also.I did not force u coz we were in Public n u did not wanted to get Exposed.But well after that i tried tellin my friends this incidence but no one could beleive in me n every one thought i was a fool.but nyways if you could remember the nice time we shared with each other whether u liked it or not but it really meant something to me.The reason why i m writing u this letter is now u r back in your country n ur Empire where everything is possible to u.What i m requesting u is if youn could send me a snap of urs with an Autograph,personally signed for me That’z it! will mean a Lot for me.atleast i could show my friends that i really had meet u.Also 1 more thing i found u a great person,really from the bottom of my heart n really u r a very down to earth guy.At LASTI said it that day also n today also i m saying the same thing to u:”All the best for your carrier n Have a great Life”

  3. I sent a picture of Brad Pitt to this address. It’s for my daughter. It would be nice if he will sign it.

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