Why do couples in UK have a better chance on getting a property than a single person does?

Unfortunately for a young person, it is quite difficult to get onto the property ladder in the UK. The prices for properties have gone so high that they are inversely proportional to a young person’s salary. If a single person wants to get a property, it will be very unlikely that he/she could get into the property market, unless he/she gets some financial help from the relatives. Especially in London, a person needs to rise ten times above the average salary in order to afford owning something.Fortunately for couples, they have a better chance in taking up a mortgage because their combined salaries might be just enough. To find out what a couple can afford you basically sum up both of the salaries and multiply that by three or four and you will get in what price range their property would be tangible.Finding a good mortgage rate is the key and finding one that freezes over a few years is something to look for. The more years it freezes, the better it is. In my opinion the rates for mortgages will not drop (at least not in the UK) anytime soon so it would be a good idea to look for a Free Mortgage Quote. It can’t hurt to see your options and start planning for the future.