How to create a printer share in XP?

If you have a home network, it is very helpful to be able to use a printed from every computer in the network. To be able to do so you will have to create a printer share. Just follow these simple steps:

    1. On the computer you have designated for the network server, go to Start-> Control Panel-> Printers And Faxes.2. Right-click the name of the printer you want to share and click Sharing.3. In the printer’s Properties dialog box, click the Sharing tab.4. Click Share This Printer and click OK.5. You are done!

If you have more than one printer you want to share, you can just repeat this process.

How to become a Rockstar Freelancer?

Well now, here is a resourceful book for anyone who want to become his/her own boss. The entire 212 pages of the book cover all you need to know from getting started to expanding your business. It’s written by Collis & Cyan Ta’eed – two successful entrepreneurs of the online world. They share their expert advice along with useful information and insights that will help you get the big bucks. You can purchase their “How to be a Rockstar Freelancer” book from their website “here” or straight from our website by clicking the Buy Now button below:Buy Now

How can you earn money for writing reviews? (part 3)

Yet another service that brings advertisers and bloggers together. Advertisers create opportunities for which a blogger writes an article. What is different with B.B.R. is that you can bid for an opportunity. The advertiser sets a budget for a review and you can bid for it. Of course most of the bloggers would put in the maximum value that the advertiser would accept, but if you afford to put at least a dollar less, you might have a better chance of winning the bid. Usually it will go back and forth between the advertiser and blogger. So you might as well put the maximum bid as most of the time the advertiser will come with a counter offer. That’s one of the downsides of this service: that it is a little bit more time consuming with the whole bidding process. The other downside I noticed is the length of the reviews you are required to write. A lot of them are around 300 words minimum and just for a price around $10. The third and final downside is that B.B.R. will subtract a 30% fee of the money you get for the review.Nevertheless, you can find some nice opportunities and have another source of income.Go ahead and sign up here.Check out our previous articles:How can you earn money for writing reviews? (part 1)How can you earn money for writing reviews? (part 2)

How can you get a better night’s sleep?

Here are some things you can do during the day to improve your sleep:+ avoid napping during daytime+ get some fresh air at least once a day+ exercising regularly (at least 10 minutes a day, but not right before going to bed)Here are some things you can do right before going to bed:+ have a nice warm bath+ drink a glass of warm milk or free-caffeine tea+ read a book+ go to the washroom so you won’t need to wake up in the middle of the nightHere are some things you should avoid:+ eating a heavy meal before bedtime+ caffeine, nicotine and alcohol consumption close to bedtime+ sleeping with the TV or radio on+ sleeping with the lights onNote: Try to keep a regular schedule for sleeping time, but also for meals and workouts.

What is the Viridian Room?

Anyone remember the The Crimson Room game we featured on WWHW a while ago? Well if you liked it, the Viridian Room is its sequel. Again, it is a point and click game and you just have to find a way to escape from this room you find yourself in. If you haven’t played its predecessor before, go ahead and do so. If you like a little bit of challenge and search & find type of a game, then give it a try.If you get stuck or you need a hint, post a comment. If you have solved it please do not spoil the game by posting the entire solution.Note: Please see the full article in order to access the game. Continue reading “What is the Viridian Room?”

How can a white noise generator help a light sleeper?

If you are easily awaken by small noises and you wake up often because of them then you are a light sleeper that is not getting a good rest. Having a good night’s rest is essential for you to be fully active, revived and with a fresh mind the next day. If you are a light sleeper you might try getting a White Noise Generator. This machine is a good way to mask all those sounds around you that get you up. What does it do? It produces a pleasant sound that gently inhibits all the other annoying sounds and therefore helps you stay asleep.

How have waterfowl adapted to life in the water?

Waterfowl have webbed feet that help them paddle. They have flat bills, and their feathers have a coating of oil that works like waterproofing. The feathers of waterfowl (especially ducks) are both soft and warm.Note: Many pillows, quilts and sleeping bags are stuffed with duck feathers because they are light as well as soft and they bring a lot of warmth.

What to know about OhSoChicBoutique dot com?

OhSoChicBoutique is an online store that strives to satisfy a woman’s fashion demands. They have various products ranging from tops, bottoms, dresses and mini dresses to shoes and accessories. Their “white hot dress” caught my sister’s attention as it is very well described by its name. Since summer is approaching, it seams like a nice new outfit to get. Shoes to match it? Well, perhaps the black Tulsa would go along with it and since the bag should match the shoes, a leather organizer tote would be both useful and fashionable.Note: Input the “SPringFling” code at the checkout in order to get 15% off and free shipping.

What is a pagan?

A “pagan” is the term Christians use for atheists or anyone who doesn’t accept the God of the Bible. The word “pagan” comes from the Latin word for “country dweller”.Originally, pagans were the Greek and Roman polytheists who followed the cults of Mithras, Venus, Apollo, Demeter, and others. Today, however, Christians generally reserve the “pagan” word for those who do not believe in the Bible’s God or don’t believe in a God at all.

Where to go play online billiards?

If you are an online billiard fan, then you can check out this website. It has cutting edge graphics that ads to the high level of fun and interactivity you will experience in a game. You can play the regular 9 Ball Pool, Billiards, or Snooker. You can even enter tournaments and have the opportunity to win some real cash. The website features a multi-language platform so you can play online billiards with people from around the world. If you have any questions, check out their technical support as they are very professional.

What to know about Arcade.itech dot com?

If you love Online Games then you should check out this website as it offers massively multi-player browser-based games. Just register for free and you will have access to their games. One of the most popular ones is Random Defense, a Tower Defense game with gazillions of active players. If you’ve never played this type of game before, you will get hooked and if you have, then you now what I am talking about. Stop working and go have a look at this website for some quality entertainment

How to join a beauty contest and win $10.000?

This is quite something else, a beauty contest for any young person, from anywhere in the world. You don’t have to be a model, but you can aspire to become a beautiful one. The whole contest is done on the internet and is judged by any internet user seeing your picture. There are 4 categories you can join (Girls 14-19 Women 19+ Boys 14-19 Men 19+) and there will be a winner in each one by 31st December 2008. To enter you just have to fill out a new user registration form, upload the best picture of yourself and tell all your friends about it. After all, you want anyone that knows you to vote for you, right? If you win, you’ll get $10.000. Even if you don’t win you’ll have the chance to be discovered by the model agencies that are checking out this website. Check out for registration and more info.

Why do cats rub against your leg? (or anything else for that matter)

A cat will rub her head or the side of her chin against your leg or any object, furniture, or wall to deposit her scent on them as part of her territorial marking. She uses her glands on her forehead and around his mouth and chin. These glands produce chemicals called pheromones, which she transfers by rubbing against objects.If you see a cat sniffing intensly then she is trying to determine if the scent was produce by another feline or animal and if she needs to watch out if that animal might still be around.So if she is marking her territory on your leg…does that mean she thinks she owns you?P.S. Sometimes they rub against something just to scratch the side of their chin or to groom or get rid of falling hair.

What is there to see in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is definitely one of the most ultra-modern cities in Asia. One of the most incredible sights is the harbor view. What makes it even more incredible is the symphony of lights that has been dubbed as the “largest permanent light and sound show”. Basically 44 buildings of both Hong Kong Island and Kowloon light up and enable some nice musical effects that add to the vibrancy of the event; (you can get a better sight by booking a nice harbor cruise). Your visit should not miss the museums of art, heritage, history, space and science. A great way of experiencing this cultural kaleidoscope is to purchase a low-cost weekly museum pass. If you are in a rush, you can get on a nice tour. You can have your choice between a heritage tour, the Feng Shui tour (mainly see the modern part of the city) and the traditional lifestyle tour. To book your trip, check out theFlights to Hong Kong in order to plan your vacation.

How to take care of loaches in your aquarium?

Loaches are timid fish that prefer coming out in the darkness of night. If you have an aquarium you can choose add them to it to liven it up as they have beautiful colors.You can use either floating plants or reduced lighting in aquariums to offer a favorable environment. They eat live and prepared foods and normally look for food at aquarium bottoms. Although their body length is around twelve inches in the wild, they grow to only six inches within aquariums.Few varieties of loaches like Botia helodes and Botia lohachata are very aggressive. It is best to keep these species alone in aquariums.

How to get paid for reviewing a post on this website?

It’s quite simple really. All you have to do is click on the title of one of our posts. At the bottom of the post you will see the “get paid to review my post” badge. If you click on it, you will have the choice to sign up with PPP. If you sign up by clicking this badge, a special opportunity will be created JUST FOR YOU. If you accept it, you will just have to write a short positive review of the post from where you clicked the badge and you will get paid $7.50. You can write it in 5 minutes or so. Making $7.50 in just 5 minutes is easy money.Make sure you sign up after clicking on the badge, otherwise you may not receive the special opportunity.Note: Our readers (whom signed up using our link) said they also had a $20.00 opportunity reserved just for them as well. So, you can now get $27.50 with minimal effort.

What to know about the Information Gateway blog?

The Information Gateway is Andi Eko Nurhadiyanto’s blog. Technology is the main theme that can find in most of the articles. Technology is a broad topic and so are his posts. The written content you can find ranges anything from operating systems (Linux, Vista, Windows XP, etc), instant messengers and software to photoshop, rapidshare and VOIP. The other off topics include hot news, how to make money online, finance, vacation, stories, health, etc. For anyone using rapidshare, check out one of his articles as he describes how you can search through rapidshare files. Also, it tells you how to watch movies online for free and many more interesting stuff. The adsense, sm*rty and making money online category is also of great interest for anyone that want to make money off their blog.Go ahead and browse through the categories as you might find interesting news, how to-s, sufisms and of course, a great deal of technology related content.

How to find out what side of the brain you are using?

Brain testIf you are seeing this lady spinning clockwise, then it means you are using the right side of the brain. If you are seeing her spinning counter-clockwise, then you are using the left side of the brain.

Some people are able to see her spinning in both directions, but most of them see her rotating only in one. If you can see her spin in one directions and then make her spin in the other, then you are a part of a handful of people.Even if it might not seem so, both directions can be seen. Apparently, this fact has been proved at the Yale University, USA, after 5 years of studying the human brain and its functions. Supposedly only 14% of the US population can see her spinning in both directions.Note: I saw her go counter-clockwise, but then if I only looked at her feet, she started to spin clockwise. It took a bit longer afterwards to make her go counter-clockwise again. I have noticed that the illusion is caused by the perception of the viewer as he or she interprets the ambiguous frames where the spinning dancer’s body (legs and arms) cross over each other.Don’t forget to share your experience with us and tell us which way you saw her go.Need help to see her go the other way? Check out the help lady spin post.Your Ad Here

How to get everything you want in life? (The Secret)

I am sure you have heard about the SECRET. Using this secret can give you everything you want in your life. It can provide you more money, a better house, a better business, a better family life or that special someone that you are searching for. The idea behind the SECRET is the universal principle “law of attraction”. You attract what you think of and what you want. If you are broke right now is because you are thinking about it, you are letting your worries get to you. Isn’t it true that when you wake up on the “wrong side of the bed” everything seems to be going bad for you that day? That is because bad things attract other bad things. If you are in a bad relationship, it is because of your thinking, if you are having a bad job it is also because of your thinking. Now you need to learn how to make this law of attraction work out for you. You can find out how to get everything you want in life by clicking the link belowhttp://www.prosperable.comCreate the life you always wanted!

What to know about the Rommelacebedo dot com?

Wow, this blog has a cool header. Well, regardless, this is the blog of Rommel Acebedo in which he displays his Opinions, Thoughts, and Creative Writing. The articles cover several topics such as, science and technology, artists and songs, self expressions, marketing strategies and more. As always I am always interested in the IT, technology and science fields and you can find some interesting stuff related to those on this blog.If you have a Blogger based site, you might want to check out one of his articles in which it points you to a website with free web 2.0 templates. I particularly enjoyed the Windows XP/Vista Keyboard Shortcuts article (there were definitely some useful ones that I did not know about – thank you Rommel).On this blog can basically read about his thought on several topics, hear his opinions on products and websites, or check out different advices he has to offer.

What to know about Joseph Sator’s blog?

Joseph started this blog at the beginning of the year, 2008. He is currently in his second year in college and he loves to blog about anything. As he puts it, his blog is extending information through speeding highways. The topics you will find on this blog are very diverse. They range from anything from entertainment, fashion and news to internet related issues, computers, games, technology and more. You can find some useful reviews about websites, products and companies. In the gadgets section you will find info on the world’s first phone with a foldable screen. Since we love gadgets, this really caught our attention. It looks really spiffy in the image and it seams like a good competition to the iPhone.If you are interesting in reading about internet marketing, blogging or SEO, this blog has a few articles in those areas as well.Keep up the good work Joseph.

What can you find on NggaBlog?

This blog is a collaborative writing of a group of individuals. It is a World Community Blog. It really talks about everything…covering a bunch of topics such as food and health, education, automobiles, arts and celebrity, sports, technology and more. Also it provides some info on how you can make money in general. Either by becoming a beauty supply store owner, selling wine, selling on Ebay, or by monetizing your blog and so on. Some other interesting articles are the ones related to the blogger tools and tips. It gives you the buzz on some wordpress plug-ins, how to make your own online videos, how to write a polite e-mail and so on. So go check out this World Community Blog if any of these are appealing to you. I’m sure you’ll find something that will catch your eye.Hint: it provides info on how to join an online beauty contest and win a whooping $10.000.

Where to check out more info on Labuan island and photography?

Saifulrizan is a nice loving guy that adores photography, his Holga (one of his photo cameras), his family and of course Labuan island. He is currently running a blog containing info about the Labuan island and his interest in photography. Most of the pictures depict the life and scenery of Labuan island through the eyes of a local, himself. I mean, what is the best medium to describe a place, its people and traditions if not through a photograph?The following words: photography advertisement labuan island tourism travel asia malaysia, are a but a brief summary of what this blog contains. If you are passionate about photography, you should take a look at some of the articles he’s written about different apparatus. Checking out his photos might even provide you with some inspiration for your future projects or just sit back and admire his stile and the different aspects of Labuan island.