Why every product of the Apple Inc. starts with i…?

Have you ever wandered why every product of the Apple Inc. starts with an i (as in iPod, iMac, iBook etc.)?Well, it all started with the iMac. According the Apple Inc, the “i” in iMac stands for “internet”. They joined the “i” and the Mac together in order to emphasize the connection of the two and the easiness with which an iMac user can setup and connect to the internet.Apple later adopted the “i” prefix across its other hardware and software brands, becoming a nice branding idea that would make the customer think right away of Apple.So why is the iGoogle called iGoogle? Do they have the same reason?No, there is obviously no connection between iGoogle and Apple and the “i” does not stand for “internet”. For those who do not know, the iGoogle is Google’s version of the personalized homepage. Therefore the “i” before the Google just simply stands for I (the pronoun used to refer to oneself).

What to know about Cosmetic Surgery Westchester dot com?

This is the website of Dr. Andrew Kleinman, a plastic surgeon in Westchester, NY. He has been practicing plastic surgery for over 20 years. Dr. Kleinman cares about his patients and their feelings and he wants them to achieve the subtle and natural beauty they are looking for. His services include surgical and non-surgical procedures. You can take a closer look at his website to find out more about several procedures you can get such as facelift, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, breast reconstruction, liposuction, tummy tuck and so on. As mentioned, he also offers non-surgical procedures such as laser hair removal, botox cosmetic, photofacial and more. Check out the plastic surgeon Westchester‘s website for more info and a photo gallery with before and after pictures (warning: mature content).

What is the nofollow tag and when to use it?

A nofollow tag is an HTML link property that tells a search engine not to follow it. Because of the nofollow tag, the link popularity will not be assigned to the destination page either.How does a link with a nofollow tag looks like? Here’s an example:a href =”http://www.websitelinkwithtag.com” rel=”nofollow”So why use it in your links? Well, unfortunately many websites received a high page rank in the past due to an incredible amount of links posted by people in their blog comments and bulletin boards signatures. Google saw this as a problem and started to put these people in the same category as spammers. So search engines now encourage people to use the nofollow tag in their comment and signature links. It still helps to add your nofollow tag link in comments and signatures, because it will still create the opportunity of people visiting your website. After all, that is why those links are added, to bring people over to your website, not to increase our link popularity – it is a big difference. So remember to add the nofollow tag where necessary in order to not upset search engines such as Google. Also keep in mind that this recommendation applies to comments and signature links, not to originally written articles and posts. Obviously a link from an original post to your website will be followed, indexed and weighted by search engines which in time will help your rank increase.So once again don’t put a nofollow tag in a link from an original article or a links exchange page, but be sure to have it when you are posting a link inside a comment or forum signature.

What does Caesars Palace have in store for you in 2008?

As you all might know, Celine Dion took the final bow at Ceasars after 5 years of performing. So what does Caesars Palace have in store for us next? Well, after such a big music icon as Dion, they could only bring someone as big as or bigger than her. Who is it? The answer is CHER! This Grammy award winning performer will make a lot of fans happy as she will move into the 4000-seat Colosseum at the beginning of May 2008. Cher’s 40+ years career will continue to flourish at Caesars Palace as she will entertain millions and millions of old and new fans. The ticket sales will most probably go through the roof and end up being sold out pretty fast so please be advised and purchase those Cher tickets at Ceasars Palace as early as you can.Cher’s latest tour (the Farewell Tour) lasted for about 3 years and included some of the most memorable songs that made her famous for over 40 years. The Caesars Palace concerts will probably take songs from her entire discography as well and maybe even have some new ones that we have not yet heard. The Colloseum concerts will probably be even better than her Farewell Tour concerts so all the attendants will be in for quite a treat.

What is the motorbike 360 body rotation?

That is when the rider of a motorbike jumps off the bike and rotates his/her entire body for a full 360 degrees. This has been done by Chuck Carothers on his freestyle motorbike. Watch the amazing video below:As far as I know this hasn’t been duplicated by anyone else.