How can you detoxify your body?

Detoxification of the body is about removing and eliminating toxins and therefore cleaning your body and then feeding it with beneficial nutrients. Detoxifications has the advantage of helping your immune system.So what can you do to detoxify your body?1. You can start eating more fiber such as fruits and vegetables, bean, peas, nuts and seeds as well as grain products. We recommend the psyllium buds (also good for cholesterol).2. Drink plenty of water, but not more than your body needs it. That is, if you do not feel that your body is asking for water, don’t drink it.3. Drinking green tea apparently cleanses the liver and helps detoxifying it.4. Taking some medical product such as the Colon Cleanse.5. Exercise! Try and have an active life. If you don’t feel like getting out of your house for exercising, try practicing Yoga or gigong.

Which was the largest plant-eating dinosaur?

The largest plant-eating dinosaur was the argentinosaurus. It was not only the largest plant-eating dinosaur, but probably the largestdinosaur to have ever roamed the Earth.This dinosaur (which was a sauropod) is believed to have grown to an incredible length of about 40 metres (130 feet). It might have weighed about 80–100 tons. As seen in the left hand side picture, it had a long neck and tail, and a small head.