What are germs?

Germs are microscopic creatures. These include bacteria and viruses. Harmful bacteria cause infections like sore throats and stomach aches. Viruses are germs that can cause chickenpox, measles and influenza. We catch germs from people who are unwell, from stale and unhygienic food or water, or from our surroundings. They produce poisons that make us sick. Some of these diseases, like cholera, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS can even kill us.So always wash your hands before you eat anything with them.

How can you earn money for writing reviews? (part 2)

Here is another way to earn money for writing reviews, besides PPP. This one is called Sm*rty! They have a one step process to register your blog. Simply enter your personal info, the name/description/URL of your blog and a category in which it fits best. That is all. Then you just wait for approval. I did not see any requirements in order to be approved. My guess is your blog has to be written in English.Once you are approved you will just sit and wait for Smorty to send you suitable ad campaigns you can write about. On average you will have 4 opportunities (reviews) waiting for your acceptance. Once you accept one of them, you will have 24 hours to write your honest opinion in 150 words or more.Now here comes the part I like about Smorty…you will get paid weekly through PayPal on the written reviews that were approved by their administrators and there is no minimum payment required.So if you have a blog, go ahead and sign-up with Smorty for free. Combining this with PPP will increase your chances to earn more money for writing reviews.

Which was the largest meat-eating dinosaur?

Scientists have discovered the remains of what is considered (at least for now) to be the largest meat-eating dinosaur to have ever roamed the Earth – mapusaurus. This dinosaur is believed to have been over 14 metres (46 feet) long.Note: The tyrannosaurus rex (aka T-Rex) and giganotosaurus, grew to a length of about 13 metres (43 feet).