How can you win $1000 from FinGad?

FinGad is a community dedicated to the financial world. It was created by investors, for investors. As an investor, you might be interested to check out their website and see news and reviews from other investors. If a lot of investors become connected they can all provide valuable information for each other in order to make good decisions. So how can you Win $1000 with FinGad? Well, it’s like a fun game for which you sign up. When you start you automatically get $50,000 virtual money, then by posting and getting votes on your comments and posts you get more virtual money. You can also do some virtual trading, recommend stocks and so on. At the end of the month, who ever earns the most virtual money gets a real $1000 USD, paid via PayPal. For more info about signing up and their rules and conditions, check out their website.