How can you get a better night’s sleep?

Here are some things you can do during the day to improve your sleep:+ avoid napping during daytime+ get some fresh air at least once a day+ exercising regularly (at least 10 minutes a day, but not right before going to bed)Here are some things you can do right before going to bed:+ have a nice warm bath+ drink a glass of warm milk or free-caffeine tea+ read a book+ go to the washroom so you won’t need to wake up in the middle of the nightHere are some things you should avoid:+ eating a heavy meal before bedtime+ caffeine, nicotine and alcohol consumption close to bedtime+ sleeping with the TV or radio on+ sleeping with the lights onNote: Try to keep a regular schedule for sleeping time, but also for meals and workouts.

What is the Viridian Room?

Anyone remember the The Crimson Room game we featured on WWHW a while ago? Well if you liked it, the Viridian Room is its sequel. Again, it is a point and click game and you just have to find a way to escape from this room you find yourself in. If you haven’t played its predecessor before, go ahead and do so. If you like a little bit of challenge and search & find type of a game, then give it a try.If you get stuck or you need a hint, post a comment. If you have solved it please do not spoil the game by posting the entire solution.Note: Please see the full article in order to access the game. Continue reading “What is the Viridian Room?”