How can you earn money for writing reviews? (part 3)

Yet another service that brings advertisers and bloggers together. Advertisers create opportunities for which a blogger writes an article. What is different with B.B.R. is that you can bid for an opportunity. The advertiser sets a budget for a review and you can bid for it. Of course most of the bloggers would put in the maximum value that the advertiser would accept, but if you afford to put at least a dollar less, you might have a better chance of winning the bid. Usually it will go back and forth between the advertiser and blogger. So you might as well put the maximum bid as most of the time the advertiser will come with a counter offer. That’s one of the downsides of this service: that it is a little bit more time consuming with the whole bidding process. The other downside I noticed is the length of the reviews you are required to write. A lot of them are around 300 words minimum and just for a price around $10. The third and final downside is that B.B.R. will subtract a 30% fee of the money you get for the review.Nevertheless, you can find some nice opportunities and have another source of income.Go ahead and sign up here.Check out our previous articles:How can you earn money for writing reviews? (part 1)How can you earn money for writing reviews? (part 2)