How to find out what side of the brain you are using?

Brain testIf you are seeing this lady spinning clockwise, then it means you are using the right side of the brain. If you are seeing her spinning counter-clockwise, then you are using the left side of the brain.

Some people are able to see her spinning in both directions, but most of them see her rotating only in one. If you can see her spin in one directions and then make her spin in the other, then you are a part of a handful of people.Even if it might not seem so, both directions can be seen. Apparently, this fact has been proved at the Yale University, USA, after 5 years of studying the human brain and its functions. Supposedly only 14% of the US population can see her spinning in both directions.Note: I saw her go counter-clockwise, but then if I only looked at her feet, she started to spin clockwise. It took a bit longer afterwards to make her go counter-clockwise again. I have noticed that the illusion is caused by the perception of the viewer as he or she interprets the ambiguous frames where the spinning dancer’s body (legs and arms) cross over each other.Don’t forget to share your experience with us and tell us which way you saw her go.Need help to see her go the other way? Check out the help lady spin post.Your Ad Here

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  1. this is funny. If you start saying simple equations in your head you’ll see it spin clockwise, then start thinking of a song really quickly and it will switch to counter-clockwise like that. Then just keep doing that back and forth and you’ll see it change almost instantly when you switch thoughts.

  2. Yes, I can see her rotating in both direction (first it was clockwise and then counter clockwise & then back to clockwise), amazing 🙂

  3. this is bull shit i saw it moving in opposite direction after sometime just see it for some time and u will see it moving in opposite direction

  4. This is crazy! At first, i saw her going clockwise. And i concentrated on her to make her go counter-clock wise but it seemed impossible! But all of a sudden I could see her go counter-clockwise and was able to swtich which direction she was spinning!

  5. Interesting. I can see her spin both in a clock and anti-clock direction. To alter directions, all I did was blink my eyes or focus on a different part of her body. For me it was feet for clockwise and hip for anticlock.

  6. Where is the evidence that this proves what side of the brain you are using? Every time I initially look at it I see it moving clockwise. But if I stare at the shadow of her feet (or any one spot on her body) it’s constantly flipping between counter-clockwise and clockwise. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was a graphics image that was designed to smoothly transition between clockwise and counter. It’s just all in your head, either way you want to look at it 😉

  7. OMG I find it so simple to change it ain’t funny first I saw it clock wise then I resreash the page and saw it go counter

  8. WOWWW…… I stared at her and I saw her going both ways… and i noticed how when she changes from clock-wise to the other way… she doesn’t finish the spin, she goes to the middle and then go back and change the way she’s going.. that means that this is fakeeee…………or that i’m going crazy

  9. well, I am telling u what, the lady rotates cw 19 times, and then ccw 19 times, or vice tricks, no test. everyone should be able to see it just calculating one full cycle containing 38 rotations 😉

  10. I managed to get her to spin to both counter and clockwise. i was also able to get my mind to believe that she was toeing both sides without actually spinning. 180 degree turn and then back. are there any more of these? its quite fun.

  11. I saw her first go counter clockwise and then as I was reading off to the side I noticed she started to go clockwise… It does have to do with the feet and if you look at her, but using your peripheral vision I found it easier to make her switch almost instantly, half circle one direction then switch the other again half circle, …. Pretty cool how this works…. :o)
    Question not sure if answered already, but the people who can see it go both directions are they ambidextrous?

  12. I couldn’t make her turn counterclockwise like 20mins long -_-‘
    But then I found how to do it, just look at something in the distance and look at it unfocused, it’ll turn counterclockwise… untill u focus back on it lol.

  13. Naturally saw it rotate clockwise — and at first couldn’t change it. When I scrolled her down so that I only could see her head, then I could make it change to counter clockwise and then I needed to scroll her up slowly to keep her that way. Strange.

  14. xD so first i stopped reading at ”her spinning counter-clockwise, then you are using the left side of the brain.” i havent read the following paragraph yet, so then i see her going clockwise.. i tried to see her going counter-clockwise (because people say people using leftbrains are mostly smart people) it took me a little while, i focused and i saw her counter-clockwise im like WTF!!! then when i focus even more.. she just keeps changing!! stare in there for a while, then youll see her change every time!

  15. 🙂 by the way guys, if u achieve 0 degree rotation (ie the graphic freeze), that means u r utilizing equally ur right and left brains at the same time and it means u hv able to solve both brains never ending conflict. Becoz in life, only one brain will dominate at any one time and very difficult for us to dominate both brains. If u can do it, i want to kiss u :)));)

  16. Hi Guys, after reading most of your comments, i tried the method of focusing my mind on maths (left brain) then love (right brain). U know what happened? We can really actually control the graphic rotation by CW (right brain) or CCW (left brain). If your both brains are connected very very well, u will be able to change ur focus instantly and immediately the graphic will change it spin direction without having it to complete a 360 degree rotation.
    My record is changing rotation up to 90 degree. I tried to do 45 but only for few sec. Need to really hv a beautiful mind to actually freeze the graphic ie 0 degree rotation.

    Cheers and thanks a lot for your guys prev comments. I hv improved a lot. This is not a myth. It is a good for brains exercise until yu get 0 degree. TQ!

  17. …i saw her spun both sides…. and tried to choose which side i want her to spun…the other trick (diferent from the feet trick) is look very caryfull at her neck, and choose the side with your mind . And you will see

  18. I can’t determine if I am getting tricked or I just randomly use my brain. To me I just have to look at it and wait, she’ll switch eventually, without wanting or expecting it. Even if I repeat “left. left. left” she’ll eventually switch to turn in the other direction… Which kind of made me feel as if there was a loop, but looking at the “solution” ladies, I can actually start making both lady spin in the same direction if I just blurr my vision a little bit or one or the other; they eventually look like they go together, although they don’t…

  19. She switches one way or the other. Just look at it non stop. She’ll go form one side to another in short and long intervals. At first I was mesmerized, but now I think that she doesn’t really spin both ways at the same time. It is just hard to notice the change. But just stay and look. Look at the head for instance. It tilts on one side or the other. The animation actually does change. It is not an illusion it is sadly a trick… 🙁

  20. wtf all u hav to do is look at it with the side of ur eyes, because when u look up and left u use the right side of ur brain(i think) and when u look up and right u use the left side of ur brain(i think, i could hav them mixed up) its soooooooooooo simple…

  21. i see her rotate in both….counterclockwise and clockwise……i look at her feet….after she rotate in the right she rotate in the left alternately…..

  22. This is super crazy first she was going clockwise, I read the little insert about the left side and right side and then the lady switched to her other foot and spun counter clockwise that is too freaky lol

  23. I was able to see both ways. when i looked at first i saw her spinning clockwise, but when i concentrated and tried to se her going counterclockwise i could. but it went back to clockwise after a little while

  24. i was listening to music when i was looking at it, at the same time reading the passage
    every time i looked away and looked back it would change directions, i thought maybe it changed directions on its own when i wasn’t looking so i stared at it for a while and it stayed clock wise so i looked away to get it to change to counter clockwise again but now its staying at clockwise

  25. its all legit, trust me, if i look at the feet. it doesnt make a complete circle, it jus keeps going back and forth. But if i let it go one way and then look upp, it will continue to spin that way. and if i let it start to turn the other way and look upp it will continue to spin that way. It is allmost possible for me to change wich way the girl spins on demand, people have to remember, this is an opticul illusion, it can be viewed from 2 different ways. its jus a matter of how you want to view it LOLOLOLOOL. good luck ppl but you have my 100% guarentee, its real.

  26. I think this is so interesting.
    I could see her going both ways! I was very proud!
    I think it’s interesting to know about how different people can see things.

  27. That’s crazy. When I first watched the dancer go round and round she was going clockwise I glanced over at the text keeping her in my peripheral and she “flipped” and started to spin counter clockwise. Now as I watch she turns either way after a few rotations.

  28. whoa..i saw the girl spinning while changing her leg for a few minutes….so that she can spin clockwise and counter clockwise….try to look at her feet..:).amazing.

  29. i dont know if the graphic is not a “trick” that switches ways or not but the thing is when i saw this i was listening to music and it was clockwise.. i was getting frustrated by not being able to see it counter but then i switched the music off and started to read the words better and…. voila! i was able to see it both ways which was amazing.. i believe the major side i use is the right one because i’m such a daydreamer or whatever

  30. tan quan giang, your arrogance has caused you to make a really stupid statement. The movement of the figure is consistent.

  31. I don’t know for you guys but i somehow managed to make her turn both sidesat first she were turning C-clockwise then i was reading the words and she suddenly started turning clockwise i was like :Othen after a moment trying to make her turn C-clockwise again, i finally managedYou have to concentrate, i can’t really explain it other than that.

  32. ohh wow.. this acctually works.. ii could make her go each directions in like a second.. i was focusing on left side, turning the dol around.. & wow..but something makes me think that this is just how the picture is, like the picture just turns it selfe or something. it seems imposible.

  33. I first notice the dancer spinning counter clockwise. After a few seconds she was spinning clockwise.

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