What is there to see in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is definitely one of the most ultra-modern cities in Asia. One of the most incredible sights is the harbor view. What makes it even more incredible is the symphony of lights that has been dubbed as the “largest permanent light and sound show”. Basically 44 buildings of both Hong Kong Island and Kowloon light up and enable some nice musical effects that add to the vibrancy of the event; (you can get a better sight by booking a nice harbor cruise). Your visit should not miss the museums of art, heritage, history, space and science. A great way of experiencing this cultural kaleidoscope is to purchase a low-cost weekly museum pass. If you are in a rush, you can get on a nice tour. You can have your choice between a heritage tour, the Feng Shui tour (mainly see the modern part of the city) and the traditional lifestyle tour. To book your trip, check out theFlights to Hong Kong in order to plan your vacation.