What to know about the Information Gateway blog?

The Information Gateway is Andi Eko Nurhadiyanto’s blog. Technology is the main theme that can find in most of the articles. Technology is a broad topic and so are his posts. The written content you can find ranges anything from operating systems (Linux, Vista, Windows XP, etc), instant messengers and software to photoshop, rapidshare and VOIP. The other off topics include hot news, how to make money online, finance, vacation, stories, health, etc. For anyone using rapidshare, check out one of his articles as he describes how you can search through rapidshare files. Also, it tells you how to watch movies online for free and many more interesting stuff. The adsense, sm*rty and making money online category is also of great interest for anyone that want to make money off their blog.Go ahead and browse through the categories as you might find interesting news, how to-s, sufisms and of course, a great deal of technology related content.

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