Why every product of the Apple Inc. starts with i…?

Have you ever wandered why every product of the Apple Inc. starts with an i (as in iPod, iMac, iBook etc.)?Well, it all started with the iMac. According the Apple Inc, the “i” in iMac stands for “internet”. They joined the “i” and the Mac together in order to emphasize the connection of the two and the easiness with which an iMac user can setup and connect to the internet.Apple later adopted the “i” prefix across its other hardware and software brands, becoming a nice branding idea that would make the customer think right away of Apple.So why is the iGoogle called iGoogle? Do they have the same reason?No, there is obviously no connection between iGoogle and Apple and the “i” does not stand for “internet”. For those who do not know, the iGoogle is Google’s version of the personalized homepage. Therefore the “i” before the Google just simply stands for I (the pronoun used to refer to oneself).