How to make a good Italian sauce?

Do you want to impress your other half and make your own Italian sauce? Well, this is a tough recipe, but tasty.Fiirst of all here are the ingredients you need: chablis, mushrooms, leeks, herbs, peppercorns, Espagnole (or Velute) sauce, game gravy or stock and lemon. The Espagnole sauce is brown and the Velute is white so pick which one you like. You can make them at home or buy them.Now how to combine these and make the good Italian sauce? Follow these directions:Put into a stewpan two glasses of Chablis, two tablespoonsful of mushroom trimmings, a leek cut up, a bunch of herbs (selected after your own taste – you can put the pizza seasoning herbs), five peppercorns, and boil till it is reduced to half. In another stewpan mix two glasses of Espagnole or Velute sauce and half a glass of game gravy, boil for a few minutes then blend the contents of the two stewpans, pass through a sieve, and add the juice of a lemon.Serve the sauce with pot roast or any beef/pork meat and a glass of good red wine on the side.