What is the TouchWall?

The TouchWall is a new interactive surface from Microsoft. It is similar to the well known and amazing Microsoft’s surface. The difference of technologies is very different though. The surface uses cameras to sense what is on the table, where it is and what it is doing and uses that to interact with yourself and the objects on it. TouchWall is made of a projector, a camera and three infrared lasers that scan its surface. The camera notes when something breaks through the laser line and feeds that information back to the Plex (software that runs TouchWall, which is built on a standard version of Vista). Because of this later technology, it is a lot simpler mechanism (with more limitations, obviously, than the surface), but a lot cheaper to produce too. Where as the surface can end up costing $10,000, the TouchWall will only be a few hundred dollars.So what can you do with the TouchWall? As you can better see from the video below, it is mainly aimed to be used during presentations. You can zoom in, zoom out of spreadsheets, interact with media components, or even draw on it.Check out the video where Bill Gates demonstrates the TouchWall:

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