How to make Espagnole sauce and Velute sauce?

Apparently not too many people could find the Espagnole or Velute sauce on store shelves so here is how you can prepare it at home. It is tastier anyways.Butter the bottom of a stewpan with at least two ounces of butter, and in it put slices of lean veal, ham, bacon, cuttings of beef, fowl, or game trimmings, three peppercorns, mushroom trimmings, a tomato, a carrot and a turnip cut up, an onion stuck with two cloves, a bay leaf, a sprig of thyme, parsley and marjoram. Put the lid on the stewpan and braize well for fifteen minutes, then stir in a tablespoonful of flour, and pour in a quarter pint of good boiling stock and boil very gently for fifteen minutes, then strain through a tamis, skim off all the grease, pour the sauce into an earthenware vessel, and let it get cold. If it is not rich enough, add a little glaze.Pass through a sieve again before using.To prepare the Velute sauce you prepare it in the same way as above, but only use white stock, cream instead of glaze and add a chopped shallot for enriched taste.