How to take care of your Meyer Lemon tree?

Temperature: If you live in a colder zone (below 55 Fahrenheit or 12 Celsius) you might want to have your Meyer Lemon tree in a pot. That way you can carry it indoors when it starts to get colder outside when it gets below the temperature mentioned above. Usually you can safely leave it outside during late spring and summer.Light: Either if it is indoors our outdoors make sure it is located in a place that receives a lot of sunlight. When indoors, during winter time, compensate its need for light by installing a fluorescent light above it.Water: Try and keep the soil moist. Usually you will have to water the plant 2-3 times a week (preferably in the morning), but it depends on several factors. If your pot is small then the plant might require more water as the soil of smaller pots dries faster. Also it depends on the type of soil you have, if it is high or low draining. You can tell it needs water if it becomes wilted and if its leaves turn yellow or become cupped then this is an indication of excessive watering.If you live in a warm area then you can plant it in a sunny area with good drainage.Fertilize: You only need to fertilize in late spring, early summer. The Meyer Lemon tree thrives on nitrogen. Yellow leaves also indicate a lack of fertilizer so you should obviously fertilize. The Miracid Soil Acidifier works very well as it contains 3 parts Nitrogen, 1 part Phosphorous and 1 part Potassium. Both potted and planted Meyer Lemon trees should be fertilized.For questions or more information, drop us a line.