What is a tachyon?

Sounds familiar? If you watched sci-fi programs or read Star Trek books, you might have come across “tachyon energy” a few times. So what is a tachyon?A tachyon is a theoretical particle or wave that travels faster than the speed of light. Tachyons only exist in a theoretical world where objects have negative mass and time goes backwards. It is an interesting concept, but also hard to grasp. So far there is no evidence for their existence.If you are into New Age stuff, you might have heard of products that have tachyons as their main ingredients. These New Age products can be anything from beads and belts to pillows and other products they are trying to sell to you. Some New Agers even claim that they know for sure tachyons exists and they can use them for their advantage. Others even state that they know of hi-tech motors that draw their powers from a tachyon field and so forth. Obviously there are no evidence for all these claims, mainly there are just people trying to sell books and ideas by falsely utilizing the tachyon concept.So now you know what a tachyon is. Don’t be fooled in buying products that state they are powered by tachyon energy.

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