What is the Garbage Warrior?

…or who is the Garbage Warrior? The Garbage Warrior is Michael Reynolds, a brilliant architect who created the radical sustainable housing. Imagine a house made out of garbage (old car tires, broken glass bottles, aluminum cans, etc), but which at the same time looks very modern. Wait that’s not all that is amazing about the houses designed and created by Michael Reynolds. His typical house heats itself, provides its own water, grows its own food (with some human tending of course), produces its own electricity and recycles its waste. You thought that was all? No…it can also be built anywhere. You can have it built in the middle of nowhere or on the slope of a mountain, your choice. You don’t need any power lines, sewage or roads. You don’t need to pay in order to live anymore.Watch Michael Reynolds and his group of builders battle the US bureaucracy in order to legally introduce radically sustainable housing in this documentary, Garbage Warrior.