What is the difference between inline skates and rollerblades?

Inline skates are basically boots/shoes with a line of rollers fixed under each one. They usually have two to five wheels, all arranged on a single line. They must not be confused with the quad skates which have one pair of wheels in the front and one in the back.Now, what is the difference between them and the rollerblades? The Rollerblade is actually a brand name for this type of skates. Over time it became a generic name and soon transformed into a synonym for inline skates.

How many Americans die from cigarette smoking every year?

400,000 Americans die from cigarette smoking every year. The number might frighten you, but it should also make you want to quit if you are a smoker. It is your choice in the end, but remember that no one wants you to become one of those numbers.The “painting” you see on the left was created by Chris Jordan. It is made entirely from cigarette packs (200,000 to be more exact). It mimics one of Van Gogh’s most macabre paintings: Skull with burning Cigarette.

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What is new in WordPress 2.6?

WordPress 2.6 was just released. It has some new, very useful features such as photo caption, gears, “press this”, post revisions and more. Watch the following video to see the new features, how they look like and how they function. We will be upgrading later today, so we will be offline for about an hour.

What is your score on this IQ test?

Hello everyone. We got this intelligence test last week from one of our subscribers. I wouldn’t really call it an intelligence test as the questions are not very well constructed and one has nothing to do with intelligence. Nevertheless it might be fun to do. We’ll give you some multiple choice answers just to try to throw you off. Enjoy.1. You set your alarm clock for 9 and you go to bed at 8. How many hours do you sleep?A) 12 B)13 C)1 D)8 E)0 F)92. Divide 30 by 0.5 and add 10. What does it equal to?A)25 B)65 C)45 D)703. You enter a dark room, in your hand you are holding a match. There is no electricity, just a candle, a gas lamp and an oil lamp. What do you first light up?A)the oil lamp B)the candle C)the gas lamp D)the match Continue reading “What is your score on this IQ test?”

What is Sting’s real name?

Does it really say Sting on his ID? No, no it does not. Sting’s real name is Gordon Sumner. Yes, you read it right the first time, it is Gordon.He gained his nickname while playing with the Phoenix Jazzmen band. He was performing wearing a black and yellow sweater with stripes and apparently to the band leader, Gordon Solomon, he looked like a bumblebee. Therefore he started to be called Sting. Since then everyone calls him that, even his mother and children.

Where can you find the saved games for the Dash series?

Do you want to back up your saves for a Dash game? Depending on your operating system, here is where you can find your saves:

    + Windows XP: C:Documents and SettingsCurrent UserApplication DataPlayFirst+ Vista: C:UsersCurrent UserAppDataRoamingPlayFirst

Just replace the Current User with your actual user name and you will find the PlayFirst directory. Inside it you will have the names of all you Dash games installed (example: Dinner Dash, Fashion Dash, Wedding Dash, etc). Just copy the entire contents of the desired game folder in order to back up your saves and high scores.

What is the largest volcano?

The largest volcano on Earth is the Mauna Loa in Hawaii. It rises 15,200 meters (50,000 feet) from its base which is under the sea level. Its elevation above sea level is 4,170 meters (13,680 feet).Your Ad Here

Who won the 2008 Wimbledon?

If you put your money on Roger Federer, as you might usually do, then you lost it. Rafael Nadal managed to win this tournament against his “nemesis” in a 5 set match that spanned for almost 5 hours.Nadal – Federer: 6-4, 6-4, 6-7 (5), 6-7 (8), 9-7Roger Federer, an unbeatable player on grass (hasn’t lost a game on grass for 6 years) and number 1 ranked tennis player in the world, was unable to pull it off in the last set. His 40 victories streak were finally stopped by his Spanish opponent.Now Rafael Nadal became the first man since 1980 to win both the Wimbledon and the French Open in the same year.It seams like Spain is doing very well this year!

How old is USA?

The United States of America was officially established in 1776 on the 4th of July when the thirteen colonies declared independence from Great Britain. So that would make USA 232 years old in 2008.Happy Independence Day! Happy 4th of July!

What is the most popular beverage in the world?

This one is a tosser. Some sources say it is tea, some say it is the soft drink in general, some say it is coffee and a recent survey even says that beer is the most popular beverage in the world. Now how would you measure a beverage popularity (by how many drink it or by how often they drink it, etc) and over what period of time? Because of these issues the title for the most popular beverage in the world can change as frequent as on a daily basis. If we substitute the period of time as being an indefinite amount of time in the past then the title goes to water. Water will 100% come up as the most popular beverage in the world. On the second place it would be tea and then perhaps coffee falling on the third place.

Where does the word’tip’come from?

Apparently the plural of the word “tip” (as in the amount of money given to someone, such as a waiter, in return for service) was coined in an English coffee house in 1652. A sign reading “To Insure Prompt Service” (TIPS) was placed by a tin cup at its entrance. The customers who desired faster service and a better seat, would put a coin into this cup by the TIPS sign.

Why don’t celebrity couples last?

Just to make this clear from the start, when I saw celebrity couples, I am mainly referring to celebrity couples for which at least one of them is an actor. As we all know there are quite a few celebrity couples that remain together forever. Most of the others fail, they eventually break up. Even if the couple is one of our favorites and they seem the perfect match for each other (take Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston for example). So why don’t celebrity couples last?There could be three main reasons: temptation by a person of the opposite sex, fame jealousy, and over publicity.Your Ad HereLet’s approach the first one: TEMPTATION! You’re thinking, why would it be more difficult for an actor/actress to resist temptation that for a non-famous person? Well, it shouldn’t be more difficult. In truth, there is really not much excuse for cheating. The only difference is that perhaps for an actor/actress the temptation is greater. Why? Well just because of the nature of their job. Most of the times, for quite a few good months of a year, they might have to work closely with a person of the opposite sex. The temptation can grow exponentially as they find each other acting together in romantic scenes or just by simply working with one another ten hours a day. Even if they won’t do anything, their partner might get jealous just by knowing his/her better half is working side by side with a hottie and this jealousy could also break their relationship.This brings us the the second one: FAME JEALOUSY!One of them could be more famous than the other and this could lead to fame jealousy. The one less famous could become jealous of the other’s greater success. It would be really stupid if that is the case, but it happens. Usually if the woman is more famous, the man may feel threatened or neglected.Now the third and final reason for why celebrity couples don’t last: OVER PUBLICITY!This is straight forward, the celebrity couple receives too much attention from the media. They become suffocated by it. Untrue rumors might spread about one of them and this could plant the jealousy seed in their mind. They could also be overly criticized as a couple and they just might not take it anymore and therefore break up. I’m sure you can think of tons of examples. Over exposure by the media is mostly never a good thing. If they are smart, they should keep their private lives away from the media’s eye.Why do you think celebrity couples don’t last?