Why don’t celebrity couples last?

Just to make this clear from the start, when I saw celebrity couples, I am mainly referring to celebrity couples for which at least one of them is an actor. As we all know there are quite a few celebrity couples that remain together forever. Most of the others fail, they eventually break up. Even if the couple is one of our favorites and they seem the perfect match for each other (take Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston for example). So why don’t celebrity couples last?There could be three main reasons: temptation by a person of the opposite sex, fame jealousy, and over publicity.Your Ad HereLet’s approach the first one: TEMPTATION! You’re thinking, why would it be more difficult for an actor/actress to resist temptation that for a non-famous person? Well, it shouldn’t be more difficult. In truth, there is really not much excuse for cheating. The only difference is that perhaps for an actor/actress the temptation is greater. Why? Well just because of the nature of their job. Most of the times, for quite a few good months of a year, they might have to work closely with a person of the opposite sex. The temptation can grow exponentially as they find each other acting together in romantic scenes or just by simply working with one another ten hours a day. Even if they won’t do anything, their partner might get jealous just by knowing his/her better half is working side by side with a hottie and this jealousy could also break their relationship.This brings us the the second one: FAME JEALOUSY!One of them could be more famous than the other and this could lead to fame jealousy. The one less famous could become jealous of the other’s greater success. It would be really stupid if that is the case, but it happens. Usually if the woman is more famous, the man may feel threatened or neglected.Now the third and final reason for why celebrity couples don’t last: OVER PUBLICITY!This is straight forward, the celebrity couple receives too much attention from the media. They become suffocated by it. Untrue rumors might spread about one of them and this could plant the jealousy seed in their mind. They could also be overly criticized as a couple and they just might not take it anymore and therefore break up. I’m sure you can think of tons of examples. Over exposure by the media is mostly never a good thing. If they are smart, they should keep their private lives away from the media’s eye.Why do you think celebrity couples don’t last?