What to know about the new Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte?

Dear rich people,This is the phone for you. At a mere price of 1100 euros (or roughly 1700 CAD/USD), Nokia promises to deliver a new Nokia 8800 phone that stays faithful to its roots and traditions. The new Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte is made out of carbon fiber with 3D patterns decorating the exterior just enough to give it a very distinctive personality.Besides its well known features such as the turn-to-mute and the tap-tap screen for time it also comes with a whooping 4GB internal memory. Some of its other features include a 3 megapixel camera with auto focus, as well as 3G support, Bluetooth and microUSB.Advice: Wait at least a couple of month for the price to drop!

Who is the 4th member of the EZ Rock Morning Show?

For everyone living in or near Toronto and listen to the EZ ROCK 97.3FM every morning when you drive to work, then you should know they have announced their 4th member of the EZ Rock Morning Show. Read more below to see who it is:”97.3 EZ Rock has unveiled the mystery addition to its weekday morning show.The popular former CHUM-FM morning personality Rick Hodge has been announced as the fourth member of the all new EZ Rock Morning Show.Hodge joins fellow radio icon Humble Howard, spunky Canadian Recording artist Kim Stockwood,and EZ Rock’s own rising morning star Colleen Rusholme.The quartet provides a fresh alternative for commuters, the At Work crowd, and listeners looking for engaging talk and light rock favourites in the morninng.It’s a whole new dynamic and great new vibe. The brand new Morning Show officially kicks off after Labour Day, weekdays from 5:30 to 9 on 97.3 FM.”It seams that it’s going to be great. Can’t wait for the “premier” in September.Don’t forget to Check Out EZ Rock & Listen Online!