What are the answers to the Aug/13 IQ test?

We’ve received a lot of e-mails asking for the correct answers of the IQ test and many other people e-mailing us with their answers. For those who don’t know it, you can view the IQ test here. Keep in mind that we did not really see it as a fair IQ test, but we posted it because it seamed fun enough. Well, here are the answers with a short explanation:1. The correct answer was C) 1 hour. Why? Because from 8 to 9 there’s only one hour. The question is obviously flawed because it doesn’t specify am/pm or if it is on the same day or not. It would have obviously gave the answer away, but still I personally don’t think it was a suitable IQ question.2. This was a straight forward math question for which the answer was D) 70.3. For this one you had to light the match first, so D). I believe no further explanation is necessary.4. All cows die EXCEPT 9. The key word is except, therefore only 9 cows remain alive. The correct answer was C)5. This question was a bit ambiguous. It made you think of the months that only had 28 days, but it actually refers to all the months because they all have at least 28 days. Therefore the answer was 96.6. No, the guard is not entitled to his pension because dead people can’t receive a pension.7. Many people answered 2, but the right answer was 0. Why? Because it wasn’t Moses that built the ark, it was Noe. Yeah, this question is really not IQ material either.That was it. If you have any other IQ tests, send them our way and will try our best to post them. Cheers!