Where can you find info about your professor?

This website has been up for quite some time, but we thought it would be a good mention for anyone that hasn’t heard of it. Since classes will start in September it is time to choose your courses and set up your schedule at your college/university. Until now I am sure that many of you chose your courses in a way that would probably give you the most free time. Well, it would be a better idea if you were not to choose them according to mainly their time slots, but rather according to the professors that are teaching them. Here comes RateMyProfessors.com. It is a very useful website comprising of a database of over 1 million professors from more than 6,000 different schools. Simply search for the professor that is teaching the course you want to take and read to what others had to say about him/her, his/her teaching style, exams difficulty, etc. If you’ve taken a course with this prof before make sure you write your opinion as well (it’s all anonymous so don’t be scared to really say what you think – of course, be decent and diplomatic about it).You never know, just reading about your possible future professor might make you want to trade perfect time slot course for one that has a professor with a better teaching technique.